Moisturizing Conditioner 16 oz

Leanna's "Moisturizing Conditioner" is infused with Natural oils such as Avocado, Sweet Almond, and Coconut and has been enhanced with pure organic Hibiscus Extract to fortify each individual hair follicle. This new and improved formula is rich in vitamins A, B & E that penetrate the hair and scalp to promote and maintain hair growth, all while detangling and moisturizing your locks. If you are looking for a product that will leave you with soft, glistening and manageable hair, look no further, this one is for you!

All Natural with no additives or preservatives.

Paraben & Sulfate Free
  • Directions for use:

    Wash hair first (You are using the Total Care Shampoo right?) Apply to your hair and let sit for 5 minutes then rinse.  May be repeated as needed.  Step out of the shower with amazing feeling hair that screams 'I'm Naturally Beautiful!"

  • Ingredients

    1. Distilled Water
    2. Cetyl Alcohol - fatty alcohol derived from the palm tree
    3. Behentrimonium Chloride -Cleaning and Conditioning agent made from colza oil obtained from the seeds of the Brassica rapa (oilseed turnip)
    4. Cocamidopropyl Betaine - Derived from coconuts
    5. Sorbitan Laurate - emulsifying agent derived from berries and fruit sugars
    6. Prunus Dulcis - also known as sweet almond (100% natural cold-pressed)
    7. Cocos Nucifera - Coconut (100% natural cold-pressed, unrefined)
    8. Hibiscus Sabdariffa - Hibiscus (100% organic hibiscus)
    9. Lanolin Anhydrous - Oil naturally derived from wool (Emollient/Moisturizer)