"What should I use for thinning hair or hair growth?"


I typically recommend that my customers begin with the Nourishing Hair Solution and/or the Fortifying Hair oil treatment. The nourishing hair solution is formulated primarily to promote and maintain hair growth. It is to be applied to the hair and scalp daily, or as needed, and then you may proceed to style your hair as desired. The fortifying hair oil treatment is formulated to strengthen the root or the hair and the hair follicle. It is also great for dry and itchy scalp. It is made with Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil and is infused with Hibiscus. It is to be applied to the scalp every other day or can be used as a Hot oil treatment once weekly. If used as a hot oil treatment, you may heat the oil by placing the bottle in warm water, and applying directly to the scalp, after ensuring that the oil is not too hot. Then, wrap your hair with a plastic cap and allow oil to penetrate the scalp for 15-20 min. You may then proceed to rinse your hair with warm water, without washing with shampoo.



"Are Leanna’s Essentials available in stores?"


These products are not yet available in retail stores, however, you may visit our "Shop" page - www.LeannasEssentials.com/shop. There you will find our products, directions for use, and ingredients used in each product. Once you find the product(s) you are looking for, you may place an order online and we will ship your products directly to you!



"Can I pay with a check or money order?"


Yes, You may place your order with a money order or check. When you are ready to place your order, please give us a call at

(347) 450-2537 in order for a representative to calculate your shipping costs for you. Please make all money orders/checks payable to Leanna's Essentials.Please note that all orders placed via money order or check will be processed upon receipt of payment.


Please Mail to:


Leanna's Essentials

P.O. Box 1194

Central Islip, NY 11722



"Are your products safe for children under the age of 5?"


Yes! Our products are 100% natural. We do not use any chemicals, parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  Just be sure that you are aware of any allergies that your child may have (i.e. nut allergies) as we use ingredients such as Sweet Almond oil in our products.  All of the ingredients for each product are listed on our website




"Are your products good for permed hair?"


Yes, all of our products are safe to use on all hair types, whether natural, color processed, or chemically process hair. My products are 100% natural and do not contain any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.  My products contain a blend of oils that are essential to promote hair growth, nourish the follicles and strengthen your roots.



"What should I do if I want to purchase Leanna's Essentials in bulk?"


If you would like to inquire about bulk purchases or to become a retailer of our products please contact us at (347) 450-2537.  Or send us an email at info@LeannasEssentials.com. 



"Do you ship internationally?"


Yes, absolutely.  Upon checking out just select your country and shipping charges will automatically be calculated.


**PLEASE NOTE** Any Customs Charges or Duty Taxes that are incurred upon receipt of your package are charges that are not affiliated or connected to Leanna's Essentials. We are not able to predict when a customs charge will be given to the recipient as each country has their own rules and regulations on international shipments. Therefore, these charges are the responsibility of the customer.

"Do I need to use the full line of products to see results?"


No, it is not necessary to use the entire line of products.  However, for optimal results it is highly recommended that you do.  Being that our products are all natural it is very likely that if they are used in conjunction with other products that contain chemicals, the nutritional benefits may be diminished.



"Are your products only for women?"


No, all of our products are unisex.  They are great for both men and women.



"Are your products only for ethnic hair?"


No, our products are designed to cater to all hair types.  It all depends on what type of product you are looking for.

"If I purchase Leanna's Essentials and no longer wish to use them, can  I send them back  and receive a refund?"

Due to health and security purposes, once a package is assigned to you we do not provide refunds, exchanges, or returns. As is with all body and personal care items, results may vary. All sales are final. Please keep in mind once a shipping label is assigned to you, we cannot accept it back. We unfortunately cannot prove it has not been tampered with, therefore we cannot sell it again. We do not accept returns under any circumstances. Any items returned to Leanna's Essentials will be discarded upon receipt.